15 May 2023

JinkoSolar, the global leader in the sales of PV modules in the first quarter of 2023

The newly published Solarbe Global report on the size of PV module sales worldwide ranks JinkoSolar, of which Energynat is an authorized importer and distributor, as the top global seller in the first quarter of the current year. The company delivered a total of 13.04 GW of modules to the market in 2023, with nearly […]

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17 April 2023

Photovoltaics on the flat roof of the production hall – will it be effective?

In the face of increasing production costs, more and more owners of large, energy-intensive manufacturing plants are deciding to invest in their own renewable energy source. Most of them have buildings with extensive, flat roofs, and it is precisely on these roofs that PV panels are installed. Does this solution make sense? Is it as […]

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15 March 2023

Energynat with a contract for 220 MW of JinkoSolar photovoltaic panels in 2023

Energynat, one of the leading importers and distributors of PV components in Europe, after over two years of collaboration with JinkoSolar – one of the top 2 largest PV panel manufacturers in the world and a global leader in N-type cell module production – is now entering the group of its key distributors in Europe. […]

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